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DERELIKT is a short narrative FPS inspired by Alien Resurrection (PS1, 2000) and Doom 3 (PC, 2004), with a dash of cosmic horror. It aims to recreate the PS1 aesthetic as faithfully as possible.


You've been hired as a one-person expedition into the depths of the carcass of a gigantic space creature that was discovered in orbit around saturn. A research outpost was grafted onto its exterior years ago, and the resident scientists seem nervous and more than a bit paranoid. Speaking to them on the outpost reveals strange tales of „the old song“ worming its way into their heads… With a foreboding feeling you receive your security weapon and enter the service elevator downwards into the ancient bone structure...


DERELIKT is created by art director VISUWYG. It started as a research project on how to recreate the PS1 look and grew from there. Features include affine texture warping, dithering, hand painted vertex color to simulate lighting, animated textures and more.

The game will feature branching dialogue trees to interact with various NPCs. This feature is kindly contributed by @ricecakejoe.

You can follow development on twitter.

StatusIn development
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
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TagsAliens, First-Person, Horror, Lovecraftian Horror, PSX (PlayStation)


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i rated 5 stars even tho the game is nowhere to be seen for now

Hi there, I can't seem to find any news on this project. Am I missing something? Is it still running? Has it been released?

Take care, folks

It's dead, Jim.

Dev has responded 6 months ago on the YouTube reveal trailer. They've got a publisher and are working on it full time instead of as a hobby project.

so cool!


Stoked on this too! Can't wait to play it.


Had to pause Eek3 2021 to come and follow this! Looks incredible

Khaos sent me here. I need this. Gimme.


Want! Excited!

This looks amazing! I would absolutely love to be able to help you with this project. Do you have a preferred method of communication where we could chat?

This looks cool! One note; may I suggest having sound variation?


You may! I already implemented randomized footsteps, combat will get another pass soon.


I saw your Realms Deep video and you asked a question about animating vertex colors. This is something I have a bit of experience with. I should preface this by saying that my experience is with Autodesk Maya, not blender. But, the SOuP plugin for in Maya allow you to create effectors that can apply a whole host of vertex color tricks. You could potentially export your meshes to maya, use SOuP to animate vertex colors, and then save that data in an alembic file. Blender can read alembic, IIRC. How you'd get that to unity is a bit beyond me. 

Now, this would require you to bake the vertex color animations for every frame of animation; you would need some way to manipulate the mesh data in Unity if you wanted to have any kind of smooth interpolation. But, have a look at the multiAttributeTransfer node here: http://www.soup-dev.com/examples.html That's how I've achieved vertex lighting effects in Maya.